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OpenVMS has been around since the 1980s, and chances are while you made a lot of use of it back then, it is now a smaller component of your IT infrastructure. But still hugely reliable. The main problem in New Zealand is generally finding people with the necessary skills and knowledge of OpenVMS's capabilities.

That’s where we come in. We have a wealth of OpenVMS experience which your organisation can take advantage of. Our specialisation is to provide OpenVMS consultancy and services, plus expertise of RDB databases, 3&4GL application development, and web-deployment/Windows integration of VMS applications. We can assist whether you are looking for a one-off task to be performed or if you are looking for on-going support.

One-off tasks might include holiday cover for your existing staff; operating system and layered product upgrades; new installations or cluster creation; establishment of processes and procedures; performance management and tuning; application development; instigating disaster recovery procedures; or security auditing.

On-going: Let’s face it, most of the young-uns coming into IT nowadays want to play with Windows or an Open Source of some description. So let them get on with that, and leave the OpenVMS to the olds! We can make sure that your VMS server is running efficiently and set up automated notification procedures in case anything goes wrong.

Training: You may require customised training for staff, at an introduction level or advanced. We are providers of OpenVMS training in New Zealand, and have provided training services for HP in New Zealand and Australia also.

We can visit your site in person or via the network on a regular basis, daily, weekly, monthly, whatever is required, to make sure all is well, perform tasks as they arise, and to produce your regular management reports – capacity planning, for example.

We are also happy to offer our service in conjunction with other service providers: if you outsource a site, we can take care of the VMS component, saving you training and coverage dollars, and we can discuss piggy-backing onto your performance guarantees.

While Auckland based we can also discuss options for supporting sites elsewhere in New Zealand, and have worked for clients around the world.


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