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Why Us?

Good question - there are many web site developers out there, why should you pick us?

It's a combination of things, really - experience, ability, common sense and plain speaking.

We've been in the IT Industry since the early 1980s. We've provided IT services for many household names so we've got a wealth of experience of all things IT.

However, we have our feet firmly on the ground. We understand that most small businesses want a basic, cheap, functional website, that clearly shows off their products and services. They don't want flashy effects that detract from the purpose of the website, and they certainly don't want to hear buzz words.

That's where we aim our services. We will explain to you what is involved, what is needed, and guide you through the information you need to provide to make your website effective. We can take care of everything, from photography, through to design, through to hosting and on-going management. However, you might already know what you want, and just want us to be the vehicle to provide it - that's fine by us too. The website is an extension of your business, it has to have a look and a feel that you are comfortable with.

We will happily spend some time discussing your requirements, and making suggestions. Then we will provide you with a fixed price quote, that describes all the features you will receive. We'll develop the site, placing progress work on a test website so you can see how it is progressing, and make any necessary alterations to the design.

Whether you have extensive Internet knowledge or zero, we can work with you to produce the website for you. And quite frankly we'd rather show off your products and service in their best light than show off what we've learnt from a technical manual, because we want to keep you as a happy, satisfied customer.


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