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Our Services

We act as a one-stop-shop, so even if you don't know one side of a PC from another your company can still have a quality website.

Our services include:

Design Maintenance Hosting Internet Support Packages


We can create a website for you, in a style of your choosing. Consultancy is an important part of website design, so we take time to understand you and your organisation, to determine exactly what your website is required to do. As your website is an extension of your business premises it has to have the right look and feel. It has to create the right impression. And it has to be useful to the people who will be visiting it.

The design process includes deciding on images, layouts, colour schemes. It involves the design of buttons, menus, graphics. And it has to take into account the level of sophistication of your users.

Everyone with a vested interest, from the marketing team to the receptionist, may have important input in to the design of the website. We are happy to run an interactive session with all the relevant people, if you wish.

Once the design criteria are known, we develop the site and place regular updates on a test website location, so you can see how it is going, determine if you like the look, and have input during the development stage. Tell us early if you don't like a colour scheme or a button design, and we will change it.


Much of your website may stay the same for a long period of time. However, some of it may change, and change often. We can look after the maintenance of the site, changing it as often as required - daily, weekly, seasonally. You might like to have a monthly newsletter added to the site; up-and-coming events; new products as they are launched; a joke-of-the-week. You may even like to change the style every so often, just to keep it fresh. You might have seen a special effect on another website, and want similar on yours!

We can make all these changes for you, so you never need to learn a web-authoring tool! [Alternately, we can just pass all the code over to you, for you to edit if you wish.]

Packages depend on how much you want to change how often and how quickly, but we'll be cheaper than you buying the software to do it yourself - even if you do have the time to do it!


While we don't have the servers ourselves, we can look after the hosting of your website. We partner with a number of Internet Service Providers, so we can get the best deal for you. This will depend on whether you want other Internet Services (such as email or Internet access), and other requirements (such as scripting, password protection, web statistics and the like).

Your monthly hosting fee will appear on your monthly invoice from us, so you don't need to deal with a service provider direct.


Our relationship with Internet Service providers also means we can provide you with Internet access (dialup or Jetstream), email, web-based mail services and a myriad other services. Again, these will appear on your monthly invoice from us, so we act as the interface to the service provider.

We can also register domain names for you, and make sure they are updated when necessary.

Plus we are more than happy to set up your PC(s) for Internet access, email etc.


While it is not our core business, our provision of a website one-stop-shop means that we can also provide you with support services. So we can come look at your PC if you have a problem, check your email is working, give you basic training and the like. We also have a network of other support companies which we know and are comfortable to recommend, so even if we cannot help, 'we know a man who can'!


We have no set packages, only suggestions. Have a chat with us - tell us what you want, set your budget, and leave the rest to us. Prices depend on what you want, how much time it will take us to do it, and the features you want. Nothing is set in concrete - let’s discuss options, and come up with something to fit.

Suggested Package 1 – standard website

This covers the majority of sites, with their own domain name, text and photos.

  • Consultation on your site We will discuss all aspects of your site with you, to make sure you are getting a website you’ll be happy with. You might have corporate colours, standards or rules, you might have a preferred look in your mind’s eye, there might be particular pages you want, buttons, banners etc. We’d expect all interested parties such as management, marketing etc to be involved in this discussion.
  • Photography of people, products and premises. If you don’t have photos in a format we can use, we will come and take the necessary people and product pictures.
  • Registration of your domain name. If you don’t have a domain name already we will set one up for you – a .COM, a .CO.NZ, whatever is most appropriate and available. We’ll handle the set up, registration and hosting.
  • Design and create your website. Once we’ve all agreed on what you want, one of our experienced design team will create it.
  • Let's see what you think of it so far. We will show you the site before it goes live, so you can tell us if there are any style changes you want. It’s all very well designing it on paper, you’ll need to see the reality! Depending on location, this may mean a trip to your site, or we’ll put it on the web in a test location.
  • Publish on the web. Then we let it rip on the Web for the world to see! This might be accompanied by an official launch party for your customers, merchandising being sent to interested parties etc, either done by your marketing team or by us.
  • Register with the major search engines. Now we want to sit back and wait for business to flood in! So we have to register the site with the search engines locally and globally. We have about a dozen we aim at, you might have your own favourite. We may well have other trade sites to put you on, and you’ll receive a link from our site.

Expect about $600-1800 for this, depending on number of pages, photos, any fancy features you want etc.

Suggested Package 2 – Website lite
  • Consultation on your site. We’ll discuss your requirements as above.
  • Design and create your website. We’ll create your website from one of our templates. This will keep the price of development, and therefore cost to you, down
  • Publish on the web as a subdirectory of ours. Note that this ‘lite’ option means you do not have your own domain name. You’ll be accessible on the web as - so no domain name charges.
  • Register with the major search engines. Our domain is visited regularly by the search engines, but we’ll register you on our main page, and register your particular URL with any relevant trade sites.

Website lite will cost around$400-1200, give or take.

Suggested package 3 - "But I don't know what I want"

Not surprised, there are so many variables! Let's start with a workshop involving all the relevant people - marketing, management, designers, and anyone else with a vested interest. Let's see how a website should fit in with your corporate image, with your advertising, with your branding - let's aim your website at the correct audience, and make sure we get the right results.

From $200,depending on background preparation, duration of workshop and required outcomes.


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